YOGA+ is a modern, accessible and facilitated wellness program that compliments your yoga practice.  Private discussion sessions are booked in addition to your weekly yoga practice, to help you move through and express any emotions that may come up for you during class.  Each program is uniquely tailored to suit individual needs.


YOGA+ is not counselling, treatment or psychotherapy, but rather it is a holistic complimentary program to assist you along your journey of personal transformation and empowerment.  YOGA+ marries teachings from Yoga principles with teachings from Psychology principles.


YOGA+ is for anyone who wants to compliment their physical practice with something a little deeper and a little bit more transformative. MOVE your body, FEEL your emotions and TRANSFORM your life.  This is the ethos behind what YOGA+ is about.


Eliza Roza is a Hot 26 Yoga teacher with a Psychology degree, a trained Demartini Facilitator and she has maintained her own Hot 26 practice for over 10 years.  Her approach is holistic, dynamic and layered.  Her career background is in professional broadcast media, so you can expect a lot of creativity in her programs, workshops and classes.


YOGA+ brings you original video content, combining psychology with HOT26 Yoga postures to offer you bite-sized remedies to daily hurdles life throws your way. Subscribe to the YOGA+ YouTube channel and follow the 26 posture series.


YOGA+ consists of different modular options that can be combined or selected individually according to your needs. Roll over a button below for more information.